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Pet-friendly holiday homes

Pet-friendly holiday homes

Making plans for the holidays you face the common problem of what to do about the dog. But don't worry! Many holiday homes have a pet-friendly policy. At you can choose between more than 15,000 holiday homes from all across Denmark where man's best friend is welcome too.

Staying in a holiday home is not only a great time for the family but also for the dog. It too will enjoy the new surroundings, and many holiday homes are situated close to the beach or to woods or moorland - perfect places for a dog to have fun.

At, you can easily find holiday homes with a pet-friendly policy. Just fill in the number of pets in the search box. You will then get a list of all the holiday homes allowing this number of pets in your region of choice.

You can also search for holiday homes with fenced land or gardens. Click on advanced search, then tick the box marked "Closed area fx. the dog".

Pet-friendly holiday homes:

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