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Mini break in a Danish holiday home

At, we offer summer cottages and other holiday homes available for mini breaks or long weekend stays.

If you do not wish to be away for an entire week, why not rent one of our many lovely holiday homes for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 nights and save yourself a lot of money while you're at it?

A mini break or long weekend stay will let you get away from the daily bustle and experience the special tranquillity that characterises a stay in a holiday home. recommends that you book your mini break outside the peak season, partly because this widens the selection of available homes and partly because this will save you a lot of money. Besides, a  mini break in a holiday home during the off-season will give you time and peace to reload until the next big holiday break comes along.

To make things easy for you, we have picked out the holiday homes offering mini breaks for you. Click below to select the  region in Denmark where you wish to stay, and have a look at all the wonderful holiday homes available for weekend or mini break booking. 


Mini-break in Denmark -
North Jutland

Mini-break in Denmark -
West Jutland

Mini-break in Denmark -
East Jutland

Mini-break in Denmark -
South Jutland

Mini-break in Denmark -

Mini-break in Denmark -
North Zealand

Mini-break in Denmark -
Greater Copenhagen Area

Mini-break in Denmark -
West Zealand

Mini-break in Denmark -
South Zealand

Mini-break in Denmark -


Mini break - save up to 30%

Holiday homes marked with this symbol are available for mini breaks, long weekends and other stays of less than a week's duration.

Some agencies only offer mini break bookings 4 weeks in advance.

Optional arrival - flexible stays

Holiday homes with this symbol offers optional arrival.

Stay length discount
Rent a holiday home for two or more consecutive weeks and get a discount.

Please note that booking restrictions for mini-breaks, flexible stays and discounts may apply during peak seasons.