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Holiday homes close to good fishing spots

Holiday homes close to good fishing spots

With its coastline of more than 7,000 km, Denmark is known for its unlimited and unique angling and sports fishing opportunities. Whether you are looking for sea, beach, stream or lake fishing or prefer put-and-take, you will find it in Denmark. There is no place in Denmark more than 50 km away from the coast, which makes it the ideal holiday destination for anglers and sports fishermen. All it takes is a valid fishing license and a holiday home suited for a fishing holiday.

Holiday homes ideal for anglers and sports fishermen

At, you will find a wide selection of holiday homes well suited for those who like fishing. Just check the box marked "suited for fishing" to find the ideal holiday home for you. To the right, we have provided you with a list of links to holiday homes suited for fishing across the various regions of Denmark. From there, you can narrow your search to a specific town or area, or you can select additional facilities or equipment.

Holiday homes suited for fishing are often situated within 500 m of the coast or near a lake or stream with fishing opportunities. Fishing-friendly holiday homes are also equipped with a spacious freezer, and some even have a special place for cleaning fish. At the detailed page of each individual holiday home, you can see what facilities are available there or contact us if you have any further questions.

Good fishing spots in Denmark

The western coast of Jutland offers plenty of good spots for sea fishing as well as fishing in streams or small rivers like Ribe Å, Varde Å, Skjern Å og Kongeå. Along the coast, large cods are typically caught during the winter, while the spring and autumn offer mostly flatfish. In the early and late summer, the area is famous for rich mackerel pickings. The rivers and streams usually offer salmon, trout and grayling.

The 180-km Limfjorden in Northern Jutland has plenty of different fishing opportunities to offer, which makes it an attractive and popular destination among anglers and sports fishermen. In the Limfjorden, spring and autumn offers primarily sea trout, while garfish are caught in early summer. The Limfjorden is also famous for its mussels and oysters.

The Funen coasts are a popular destination among anglers and sports fishermen. For years, the local authorities have done much to ensure a better water environment and made an extra effort to nurture fish stocks. In the straits of Lillebælt, Storebælt and Langelandsbælt, various sizes of cod are caught along with numbers of sea trout thanks to a special trout nurturing programme.

The sea surrounding Zealand and the Øresund strait between Denmark and Sweden is known for its giant cod weighing as much as 20 kg. But Zealand can offer more than sea fishing. With lakes like the Furesøen and Esrum Sø, it has a long tradition for sports fishing, and here you will find some of Denmark's biggest pikes, perches and zanders.

At Bornholm, anglers have traditionally gone for wild sea trout, but lately large salmon weighing as much as 20 kg also get caught here.

Holiday homes ideal for anglers: