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TouristOnline’s general terms for online booking of holiday houses
The general terms and conditions below apply to all bookings via TouristOnline’s online systems, including booking of holiday houses with extra services etc.
Additionally to TouristOnline’s general terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the rental agency, as listed under terms and conditions on the booking page, apply.
Any reservation or booking of holiday houses, which is carried out through TouristOnline’s online systems will, providing it is correctly completed, be confirmed directly on the screen as well as by an instant email for you as the consumer and to the rental agency.
This email is a confirmation that the reserved house is at your disposal during the time and at the price stated in the booking
TouristOnline is not responsible for any fault or inconsistency, which should arise following, hereunder any inconsistencies between the booking and your email confirmation. This will be a direct matter between you and the rental agency. Refer to the section DISCLAIMER AND MAXIMUM LIABILITY for further information.
Unless otherwise stated, any payment for the reservation is made directly to the rental agency.
Any request or dispute regarding the stay or regarding the payment of your stay in the holiday house is a matter between yourself, as the consumer, and the rental agency in question – it is not a matter for TouristOnline to be involved with.
Cancellation of confirmed booking should be done directly to the rental agency and in accordance with the terms stated in the terms and conditions of the individual rental agency.
Changes to a confirmed reservation, such as an extended stay, unfortunately cannot be made in the online system, but should be handled as a cancellation of your original booking and a following completion of a new booking. As long as this is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agency, this should be done without further costs.
All prices in the TouristOnline system are uploaded directly from the booking systems of the rental agencies and will be subsequently confirmed in an email from TouristOnline. Pending a final confirmation from the rental agency, the prices stated in the TouristOnline system must be regarded as indicative only. In rare and exceptional cases, there will be a discrepancy between the price confirmed by the rental agency and the price stated in the TouristOnline system. In such cases, the price stated by the rental agency always applies.
TouristOnline assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these prices, since they are set by the rental agencies and are entered directly into the TouristOnline system. For more information, please read the section DISCLAIMER AND MAXIMUM LIABILITY.
All other information within TouristOnlines systems is updated with utmost care. TouristOnline is not liable for any mistakes made in the process of uploading the information. This includes mistakes and inconsistencies which may have occurred during data transmission.
TouristOnline has made agreements with holiday house operators to communicate key information including relevant prices and availability. This information is controlled and updated by the rental agencies themselves. Resulting from this, TouristOnline cannot control the information or whether this is updated correctly. Thus, TouristOnline can not be held responsible for any inconsistencies within the information or whether the rental agencies or owners act in accordance with the information provided. It is, therefore, not possible to present a claim on TouristOnline regardless of the nature or basis of such claim.
TouristOnline is not responsible, and can therefore not be made liable, for any interruptions, loss of transmission or break down on the internet or of TouristOnline’s supplier regardless of the cause.
In the event that TouristOnline is liable for an incident, despite disclamation of responsibility and liability, the liability is limited to refunding, and the refund cannot exceed DKK 2,000.-
Any dispute in relation to TouristOnline’s systems will be treated under Danish commercial law or under the by TouristOnline selected governing authority.