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About DanishHolidayHomes.com

DanishHolidayHomes.com has gathered all the largest holiday home rental agencies in one place so you will not need to look any further whether you want a holiday home for your next vacation, a brief weekend stay or an extended weekend break.

At DanishHolidayHomes.com, you can find and book holiday houses across all of Denmark. DanishHolidayHomes.com helps you gain a quick overview of available holiday houses in all regions of the country.

When you have found your dream house and made sure that it is available for the required time period, it is easy to make a secure online booking. When you have completed your booking, you will receive confirmation by email including all booking details. At the same time, the holiday home agency will be informed of your booking in another email and forward relevant information about the house to you.

The DanishHolidayHomes.com website is also available in Danish or German at the following web addresses:

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Apart from DanishHolidayHomes.com, TouristOnline also operates the hotel booking portal Hotel.dk and the restaurant portal DanskeRestauranter.dk.

Bookings at DanishHolidayHomes.com and TouristOnline are always carried out via a secure server.